At Windflower Farm our program values not only equestrian skills but also a clear understanding of the world of the Horse. Drawing on the dynamics of herd behavior, students learn how to communicate with their mounts safely and effectively.

This produces a rich and happy partnership. These principles are applied at all levels of training, whether getting a horse to stand respectfully and quietly while being mounted, executing a half-pass, jumping a log on the trail, or galloping down a stretch of beach.

Neither humans nor horses learn well while fearful or nervous, so each lesson seeks to ensure that the horses are happy and relaxed and that our students leave feeling confident, secure, and pleased with their progress.


Juliane Dykiel

Juliane is a Massachusetts accredited trainer and instructor who specializes in Natural Horsemanship, dressage, and jumping. Based on the Windflower belief that fear is a deterrent to progress, no student is compelled to ride beyond his or her comfort zone. So Juliane tailors each lesson to the individual needs and goals of each rider, focusing on developing a confident and rewarding relationship with their equine partner.

Many of you already know that Juliane, and her horse Logan, spent this past winter in Palm Beach where she trained with some of the world’s top dressage trainers. She is back at Windflower and other facilities sharing the knowledge she has gained.

Contact: Ainslie Sheridan, 14 Breezy Point Road, Acton, MA, 01720; 978 884 6787,
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