We think you should go to Ainslie’s riding lessons because they are awesome. Ainslie and her helpers are really nice. They know lots about animals. Ainslie loves animal and has chickens, a bunny, a parrot, kitties, two dogs and lots of different kinds of horses. You can ride the horses on trails in the woods. You get to brush the horses, too. We have learned to trot and post. We have learned a lot. When you get old enough you can canter. The older you get, you get the privilege of riding bigger horses. When you are little, if you fall off, Ainslie will catch you. You can also go swimming in Ainslie’s swimming pool. And in the spring, you can catch tadpoles. We think you will really like riding at Ainslie’s farm.

-- Andy and Maggie, age 8

I love riding at Windflower Stables with Quilly, Nitelite, Kip and teacher Ainslie. She can speak Japanese, too!

-- Hanako Norton

Riding, in itself, can be fun and scary at the same time. I have been in a few horseback riding camps, and of them seem to expect some degree of experience working with horses and riding with other kids.

At Windflower Farm the lessons are one-on-one. If something is scary--for example cantering or trotting fast -- Ainslie can change what you do in the lessons. You can even choose what you want to do: which horse to ride, a trail ride, or in the round pen. Riding is very relaxed and has become a lot more fun for me as I get better and more confidant in my own skills. Testing boundaries, stepping outside your comfort zone just a little bit, can lead to the most confident and fun time in your life.

-- Jenna Lally, 13

Windflower Farm is and amazing place at an amazing location, with a beautiful lake with access to woods and trails. Ainslie is an amazing teacher. She doesn't rush new things. I am so much more competent and confident than when I began.

-- Tim Manning, 13

Lessons at Windflower Farm have been a delightful way for me to improve my riding ability and to have more fun while doing it. I've learned about Natural Horsemanship, and am constantly refining my skills in dressage and basic education. Each lesson is valuable and enjoyable time, whether in the saddle or doing groundwork. I always leave happier than when I arrived! Ainslie is a seasoned and gentle instructor with a great sense of humor and respect for both rider and horse. Her animals are well-trained and a pleasure to ride. I whole-heartedly recommend Windflower for equestrian students of all ages.

-- Joy Reo

My eight year-old son wanted horse back riding lessons but had some trepidation. His first lesson was trans formational. Within an hour Ainslie had taught him how to direct the pony in the round pen without a lead so that he naturally responded to my son—who was beaming with pride. He has continued with riding lessons, and his skills and confidence have soared. Windflower Farm is a unique place. Ainslie is very experienced and kind and has a very natural, down-to earth manner. She instinctively knows what children need to progress. Her horses and ponies are friendly and trail rides are through beautiful conservation land. My six year-old, who is often relegated to sitting and waiting for his brother’s activities to end, loves being at the farm where he feeds chickens, walks ponies through the woods, plays with dogs and collects acorns. You get more than lessons – being there feels good for the soul.

-- Caren Connell, parent

With consummate skill. Ainslie Sheridan has introduced my child to the mind and spirit of the horse. With Ainslie, not only has he learned to ride, he has gained confidence and learned empathy toward his fellow creatures, qualities which will endure far beyond the confines of the barn, ring, or trail. I always love taking my son to Windflower--such a combination of peace, beauty, excitement, learning, laughter and growing!

-- Martha Rounds

At Windflower Farm , having a conversation with your horse before you ride her/him is a very important aspect of the natural horsemanship that is taught there, allowing the rider an insight into the riding experience to come ; as the rider is in the center of the round pen, the horse is invited around the inner circle as both work on issues of respect, confidence, agility! I love this unique experience found at Windflower Farm, Ainslie is an inspiring guide!

-- Lindsay Zullo

Ainslie is one of the most incredible instructors I have come across. I grew up riding in England, where I rode across country, on the beach, competed in show jumping, eventing, and dressage, hunted, and even did some minor hunt racing. Many instructors will focus on major issues which relate to the appearance of the rider, trying to have the rider conform to a required image, or will see the horse not going smoothly and will ask the rider to ride more aggressively or take time out to settle the horse.

Ainslie looks at how the horse is moving and then looks at the rider and notices that one shoulder is half an inch out of line which is putting your hips in a position that is affecting the weight distribution over the horses back and causing the horse difficulty in making a smooth circle. She will notice that your leg is just a fraction behind the sensitive area that it needs to be for the horse to feel the pressure and respond. She will notice that your breathing is tense and ask you to take long slow breaths focusing on the exhale and then low and behold your horse transitions so smoothly! She is extremely knowledgeable, creative, and interesting to work with.

Ainslie is all about seeing the fine details in the rider and how these affect the horse, and about the intimate relationship between the rider and the horse, and about not letting either horse or rider become stale or bored. She has taken me to a new and much more advanced level of riding which has helped me to be far more aware of why my horse moves the way he does, what he is thinking, and how very tiny details have a huge impact. She is kind and compassionate yet firm with horses and considers their wellbeing before anything else. I enjoy her lessons enormously and always leave feeling I have achieved something wonderful.

-- Lucinda Wright

Contact: Ainslie Sheridan, 978 884 6787, sheridanstudio@gmail.com